Grants Competition

Creating Opportunities for Young Women Entrepreneurs to Prevent Dangerous Migration

HERA International (a charity headquartered in Paris and London) awards grants to women’s ventures in four Eastern European countries to prevent trafficking.



Moldova      Armenia      Georgia      Ukraine





To date, HERA has awarded over 254 grants at an average cost of €650 for women to purchase essential capital equipment for their ventures. 


 94% are sustaining or growing their ventures (Of 81% of the ventures funded through 2017)  and 463 new jobs created.



We are announcing our Seven International Grants Competition for women entrepreneurs in these four countries. Subject to funding, up to 30 grants averaging €700 (and ranging between €500 – €1500) will be offered.


Who can apply?

Any woman entrepreneur from one of these countries is eligible to apply for funding in order to buy equipment or to support other capital development costs.

The entrepreneur must demonstrate how her work will help to improve young women’s employment in her region. 

What are we looking to fund?

HERA grants are primarily meant to boost:

  1. Established woman entrepreneurs willing to train and employ young women at risk of dangerous migration and exploitation;
  2. Young women entrepreneurs (under 30 years of age) who have migrated, returned, and organized their own ventures;
  3. Young women social entrepreneurs or leading NGOs innovating new approaches for improving women’s employment or entrepreneurship to prevent dangerous migration and trafficking in their local communities.

When and how can I apply?

Our next grant competition has started!

If you are a woman entrepreneur and have a venture or innovation that fits one of the three categories above, please fill out the application form through our website here. 

You can also download the form below, fill it out and apply to hera.grants@gmail.com.  Applications should be filled out in English.

This year, the HERA competition closes at midnight on Saturday 15 June. A preliminary selection will be completed by June 30 . We then send a team to do onsite assessments from July through November. You will be contacted by them to arrange a meeting and grants are awarded on site with the entrepreneurs.  

Successful applicants may also receive online mentoring, technical advice, and publicity for their ventures on the HERA website.

About Us

Our Board of Trustees and volunteers

Gwenaëlle Pellerin


Gwenaelle joined HERA in 2015. She (MBA, Imperial College) is an entrepreneur with 4 years in audit in financial services and real estate. She has worked for KPMG and HSBC on reviewing financial structures of banks and helped banks in respecting new regulations of the banking industry.

Alisa Pritchard

Trustee & Marketing leader

Alisa Pritchard joined HERA in 2018 as a trustee and marketing manager. She is Head of Marketing & Operations for Greyparrot an AI startup solving business challenges while having a positive social impact. She earned her MBA from Imperial College London in 2016 and was President of the Imperial Digital & Marketing Society.

Lynellyn Long


Lynellyn D. Long, Ph.D., founded HERA in 2005.She consults internationally on economic, political, and security issues for private companies and international and bilateral aid organizations. Her passion is creating and developing long term community investment programs to support enterprise development in regions of conflict, economic instability and trafficking. She has expertise in refugees and migration, labor relations, strategic planning, and qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Sonia Boubekri


Sonia Boubekri joined HERA in April 2018 as a trustee.

Sonia hold a double degree from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom and Polytech Montpellier in France. She is studying respectively a MSc. in Water and Wastewater Engineering and an Engineering degree in Water Sciences and Engineering.

Ecaterina Schilling

Trustee and team leader

Ecaterina Schilling joined HERA in 2012, as a Mentor for the UK programme and later as an Assessor for the International Grants programme leading a team in Moldova and Ukraine with venture assessments and handling the grants. She has over 15 years of experience in regular and irregular migration and counter-trafficking. She has worked and volunteered on different projects for the International Organisation for Migration, Canadian Immigrant Integration Program, among others to create economic opportunities for migrants, refugees and women at risk of dangerous migration. She is specialised in non-profit victim advocacy, programme, training and education.

Nico Nissen, Dr


Nico Nissen joined HERA International Program in 2015. He was raised on a farm in northern Germany and decided to study an agriculture, PhD in livestock genetics. After 10 years working for German bilateral aid in Turkey, Syria, and Thailand, he joined the World Bank in Nairobi and Washington for 7 years. He also worked for IFC in Washington, Nairobi, Poznan (Poland) and Saigon for 20 years. Over the years, he has gained experience on appraising and financing private sector ventures and credit schemes as well as evaluating and financing SMEs, developing contract growing schemes.

Dennis Long


Dennis Long is a Professional Civil Engineer with a doctorate in public health. He has worked for the private, academic, and government sectors and for international institutions including the World Bank, IFC, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He has lived and work in Papua New Guinea, Viet Nam, Croatia, and Bosnia Herzegovina and had short term assignments in over 60 countries. He specialises in micro-finance, SMEs, energy, and environment and social impacts.