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Volunteering Opportunities​

HERA is lucky to be supported by numerous volunteers from all sectors. Here are a few ways you can help us:

  • Speakers: we organise events every month and are always looking for new speakers to share their expertise and inspire our students.
  • Mentors: advise one of our student on her career. Learn more here.
  • Administrative assistant: work with our programme director on upcoming projects.
  • Organise with us and/or host an event: we work in partnerships with different business and organisations for all our events.

Contact our programme director at if you want to get involved!


With significant in-kind and financial support from companies, universities, trusts, and international financial institutions and partner charities, HERA is remarkably cost effective. Our cutting edge, entrepreneurship training, career seminars and mentoring cost £1,070/woman.  That amount includes materials, transport, food, childcare costs and some lodging for women to attend the summer programme.

Here are a few of the costs for one student enrolled in our UK Entrepreneurship Training & Mentoring Programme :

  • £10 pays for a student to attend an education workshop (our Wednesday Wisdom)

  • £25 pays for a year of training material for a student

  • £50 pays for a full day of childcare so a student can attend the Summer Entrepreneurship Training

  • £75 pays for 8 yellow graduation scarfs made by a woman who created a company using a HERA grant

  • £100 pays for lunch for the students on the Summer Entrepreneurial course for 2 weeks

  • £500 pays for a grant for a female-owned venture in Central/Eastern Europe

You can support us either on GlobalGiving or LocalGiving.

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